Underfloor heating is fast becoming the modern and convenient way to heat your home.

Studies have also shown that this type of heating can improve the quality of air in your room, as it generates a temperature that inhibits the growth of mould, bacteria and dust mites. So if you are an allergy sufferer, this type of heating is especially worth considering. The conception of underfloor heating also allows for a wider variety of flooring choice as materials such as stone tiles, terrazzo, and slate, once considered cold and uninviting, can now be incorporated into our interior design again giving not only a stylish effect to our homes but also comfort in the knowledge that the room will still be warm and cosy.

There are two types of underfloor heating: electric (using electrical elements) and hydronic (fluid running through pipes) and they are often known as the dry and wet system respectively. Here at SL Plumbing and Heating, we can supply and fit both types and would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

If you already have flooring down and want to fit underfloor heating retrospectively, Lowboard is the ideal solution. This completely dry system is quick and simple to install, and the all-directional panels give off a high volume of heat and a rapid warm-up time thanks to their fully foiled layer. The panels, which can be either 15 or 22mm thick, are either floated or mechanically attached to a level floor surface. This type of flooring is especially suitable in smaller rooms with minimum space between the floor and ceiling, for example loft conversions or rooms with a mezzanine floor, where conventional underfloor heating cannot be installed for that reason.

The staple heating system is a wet system and is ideal for small or irregular-shaped floors. Simple and extremely flexible to install, insulation boards are fitted to the floor (your floor must be level, if not we will use a suitable levelling compound) and the insulation boards are then covered with a plastic slip membrane. The pipes are then laid following a pre-arranged plan, and held in place by plastic staples. To finish off, the floor is then screeded.

Torfloor is the ideal system to fit into new build or a renovation project as the panels are laid directly onto the joists. The panels are 22mm thick and can be laid in various directions to cover the entire floor. The panels are then covered with ply or chip board which is glued and/or screwed to the Torfloor panels to complete the floor. With an exceptional heat output and super-fast warm up time, these are the only underfloor heating panels to have been TRADA tested. The pre-installed diffusers, made from aluminium, give greater energy efficiency compared to other systems. The design of the panels, with the fitted pipes close to the surface, mean that the heat output is maximised.

Please give us a call to discuss your underfloor heating requirements and our friendly and fully qualified team will be happy to discuss and advise which system will best suit needs. Our service includes planning, installing the system and aftercare to ensure you are happy with the finished product.

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