Do you need central heating installed in your home to keep the cold East Devon winter weather at bay?

You’ve come to the right place. The installation of central heating systems is one of the services with which we pride ourselves in serving the local community. We have extensive experience of installing central heating.

There are certain core values on which our company prides itself when it comes to the full installation of a central heating system, or indeed, on any job we undertake. Those values include:

Being a local and trusted company with roots in the community, to serve your need.

We consider the work incomplete until you, our customer, are 100% satisfied.

Meticulous attention to each minute detail of your project.

Having a friendly approachable and highly qualified and experienced team of workers with whom you feel comfortable working in your home.

Whether you simply need to have the valves on your radiators changed, or the full installation of a central heating system, you will find our service more than fits your requirements. We have full knowledge and expertise in this area. We can repair your system, or change it completely to a more updated version. The choice is yours.

Latest Central Heating Systems

We are fully aware of the latest developments in the area of central heating. We offer the latest designs in radiators for your comfort and convenience. The updated systems of central heating have controls which give you a better choices as to how to manage your heating in a more cost-effective and less wasteful way. No matter what your need is, we offer expert advice and support.

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